Bencius believes in providing customers with the best value. Hence, by charging either the customers or printing companies defeats the purpose as the costs will still fall on the customers.


The companies that Bencius engages took on various projects and have years of experience. These companies provide quality prints and reputable in fulfilling requirements.


Bencius does the work for you in searching for companies that best suit your needs. Doing so, you can focus on doing your own stuff knowing that you have a reliable platform that will get you trustable companies to choose from.


Once you have submitted your form stating all your requirements, we will send them out to a pool of suppliers. The suppliers are evaluated as experienced and credible, and their portfolios can be found on our "suppliers" tab. 

Submit Requirements

Suppliers will receive your requirements shortly after you have submitted the form stating all your requirements. Suppliers who are able to fulfil your requirements or who are keen on providing their recommendations for your project will contact you.

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Printing t-shirt businesses are getting crowded in Singapore as the barrier of entry and start-up costs are low. This leads to numerous similar services flooding the internet and customers are often confused as to which companies should they engage. Misleading advertisements such as the lowest price in town does not equate to the accepted level of quality. There were cases when customers chose the wrong companies and they were left with no choice if they happen to receive poor-quality print jobs.


Bencius is founded to reduce the possibilities of such occurrences. Bencius aims to be a one-stop portal where customers can conveniently send us all their shirt printing needs and we will help them to reach out to a pool of companies. With minimum effort and maximum convenience, customers simply wait for suppliers to contact them instantly based on customers' requirements. Bencius provides free services to customers such as linking them up with local t-shirt printing companies evaluated by us in terms of credibility and experience. 

In the year 2020, Bencius expanded and offers tote/drawstring bags and stickers to customers because these services are in demand. Whenever there is a demand there are going to be unethical practices and Bencius will be there to help customers get the right companies best suited to their needs.