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TheJerrardGarage is a T-Shirt printing Singapore Company that specialises in customised T-Shirts printing. We deliver good quality printing at competitive pricing, backed by reliable delivery.


We offer a wide range of products from Dri-fitT-Shirts, Cotton T-Shirts, Polo T-Shirts, Singlets to Hoodies and Drawstrings bags. This makes us suitable for any events occasions company t-shirts, class t-shirts, couple tees or your own personalised individual apparel.


We provide extensive printing techniques ranging from the commonly used method of silkscreen printing to the popular Direct-To-Garment printing, embroidery and many more printing options. These options let you personalise and design any apparel that you desire!


Our customer satisfaction will always be our joy and pride. we guarantee excellent customer service and quality assurance. Plus, we are the cheapest T-Shirt printing in Singapore too!